Pittsfield Board of Health Meeting - May 3, 2017

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Item 1 00:00:08

Convening of Pittsfield Board of Health Meeting

Item 2. Minutes 00:00:19

Approval of Minutes for the meeting held April 5, 2017

Item 3 00:00:50

Public Comment Session

Item 4. Covanta Energy Corp 00:07:50

a. Request for modification of site assignment re: limit for acceptance and combustion

Item 5. Mosquito Control 00:23:53

a. 2016 Annual Report b. Proposed 2017 Comprehensive Mosquito Control Program

Item 6 01:15:58

Petition received from David J. Bertolozi requesting amendments to Section Q of the tobacco regulations

Item 7 01:28:24

Recreational Marijuana Update

Item 8 01:33:03

Health Department Update a. Central County Opioid/Heroin Work Group

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