Pittsfield Board of Health - August 2, 2017

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Item 1: Convening the Meeting 00:00:03

a. Jay Green, call the meeting to order

Item 2: Minutes 00:00:26

Approval of minutes for the meeting held June 7, 2017

Item 3: Public Comment Period 00:01:29

Item 4: Public Health Nursing Quarterly Report 00:01:40

-Kayla Donnelly Winters, RN

Item 5: Solid Waste Collection and Disposal 00:23:09

a. Update on Resource Recovery Committee recommendations

Item 6: Health Department Updates 00:33:04

a. Monthly inspectional services report b. Position vacancies c. Projects; i. Food Protection Assessment; ii. Opioid Addiction d. Central County Opioid/Heroin Work Group

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