Pittsfield School Committee Meeting 1/10/18

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1.A 00:00:07

Call To Order

1. B 00:00:22

Moment of Silence

1. C 00:00:38

Pledge of Allegiance

1. D. 00:00:59

Roll Call

1. E 00:01:18

Organization of School Committee

II. A 00:05:35

Participation by the Public

II. B 00:05:50

Communication by Chair

II. C 00:07:46

Participation by the School Committee

II. D 00:14:17

Reports of Committees

III. Recommended Actions-Routine Matters 00:16:21

A. Approval of Minutes

III. Recommended Actions-Routine Matters 00:16:54

B. Acceptance of Personnel Report

III. Recommended Actions-Routine Matters 00:22:55

C. School Presentations

III. Recommended Actions-Routine Matters 01:01:55

D. Acceptance of Reports -Cafeteria Report -Student Activity and Scholarship Reports

IV. Information and Proposals 01:06:53

A. Report of Superintendent

VI. Recommended Actions - New Business 01:12:25

A. Approval of Net-Metering Agreement with BVD Solar

VI. Recommended Actions - New Business 01:28:27

B. Approval of 2018-2019 School Year Calendar

VI. Recommended Actions - New Business 01:35:02

C. Approval of FY'19 Budget Calendar

VII. Executive Session 01:41:12

A. Items of Negotiations

VIII. Future Business 01:42:26

A. Next regular scheduled meeting, Wednesday, January 24th, 2018, 6:00pm, City Hall, 70 Allen Street, City Council Chambers

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