Pittsfield Economic Development Authority - Dec. 13, 2017

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I. Administration 00:00:17

-Call to Order

I. Administration 00:01:03

-Approval of the August 16th meeting minutes

II. Committee Reports - Executive Committee 00:01:34

-Intergovernmental Agreement

II. Committee Reports - Finance Committee 00:03:34

-3rd Quarter Financial Statements -Audit Engagement 2017 -2018 Preliminary Budget -2018 WSBP CAM Charges

II. Committee Reports - Marketing Committee 00:05:41

III. New Business 00:07:30

-Candidate Search Update

III. New Business 00:09:04

-BIC Presentation

IV. Executive Session 01:04:15


V. Executive Directors Report 01:08:57

-Waterstone Update

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