Pittsfield Licensing Board - December 18, 2017

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Item 1 00:00:35

Approval of the minutes of the November 27, 2017 meeting

Item 2 00:00:52

Application from Badge Enterprises LLC d/b/a Lach's Lounge, for the Change of Manager for the Annual 7-Day All-Alcohol Restaurant License, 129 Fenn St., Ismael Lytle-Calder, Manager

Item 3 00:05:58

Update on the status from Dalton Ave Variety Inc. for the Seasonal Wine & Malt Package Store License

Item 4 00:10:59

Update on the status from NewElm St Convenience Inc. d/b/a Elm St Convenience for the premises located at 155 Elm Street

Item 5 00:14:36

Update on the status from Puritan Restaurant, Inc d/b/a Lantern Restaurant, Located at 455 North Street

Item 6 00:15:51

Update on the status of the Class II Auto Dealer License for Robert L. Gaylord d/b/a New Street Transmission Located at 269 Newell Street

Item 7 00:16:59

Approval of all 2017 Annual Liquor License renewals

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