Pittsfield Board of Health - June 12, 2019

Open Agenda

1. Convening of Pittsfield Board of Health 00:00:05

Alan Kulberg, call the meeting to order; welcome new Board Member Katrina Medders, RN

2. Minutes 00:00:48

Approval of minutes for meetings held March 5, April 3 and May 1, 2019

3. Public Comment Session 00:01:26

4. Order to Demolish - 431 W. Housatonic St. 00:01:34

Request for Approval - Health Inspector Michael Sciola

5. Proposal for Additional Mosquito Control Plan 00:08:30

Proposal for Additional Mosquito Control Plan Criteria: Flood Events Chris Horton, Berkshire County Mosquito Control Program

6. BOH Body Art Regulation 00:58:04

BOH Body Art Regulation - amendments to permit applications and experience requirements

7. MA Special Commision on Local & Regional Health 01:05:30

Draft report on Recommendations for Improved Effectiveness & Efficiency of Local Public Health Protections in the Commonwealth

8. Health Department Update 01:15:43

Monthly Inspectional services report

8. Health Department Update 01:19:09

Summer Intern