Pittsfield Board of Health - May 6, 2020

Open Agenda

Item 1 00:00:06

Convening of Pittsfield Board of Health Meeting -Alan Kulberg, call the meeting to order

Item 2 00:02:42

Minutes -Approval of minutes for meeting held February 5, 2020

Item 3 00:08:12

Ratify Board of Health COVID-19 Emergency Order, Effective May 4, 2020: Requiring Food Establishments to Establish Procedures for Ensuring Maximum Occupancy Levels, Social Distancing, and Facial Coverings

Item 4 00:22:30

Pittsfield Comprehensive Mosquito Control Plan - Chris Horton, Berkshire County Mosquito Control Program a. 2019 Annual Report b. 2020 Plan Review & approval