Pittsfield School Committee Meeting - 9/9/20

Open Agenda

I. A. Call to Order 00:00:05

I. B. Roll Call 00:01:21

I. C. Moment of Silence 00:02:33

II. A. Participation by the Public 00:04:00

II. B. Communication by Chair 00:19:48

II. C. Participation by School Committee 00:21:50

III. A. Approval of Minutes 00:23:57

III. B. Personnel Report 00:26:35

III. C. Acceptance of Reports 00:39:21

-Cafeteria Report -Student Activity -Scholarship Reports

III. D. Approval of Line Item Transfer 00:45:08

IV. A. Report of Superintendent 00:49:00

IV. B. Consideration of Petition on Taconic Mascot 01:06:03

IV. C. Update on COVID-19 Expenses 01:16:45

VII. Executive Session 01:32:58

A. Items of Negotiation

VIII. Future Business 01:35:38

A. Next Scheduled Meeting, Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 5pm via Remote Access