Pittsfield Ordinances & Rules Committee - June 6, 2022

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Item #1 00:00:28

Roll Call

Item #3 00:01:25

Approval of the minutes of March 7, 2022 (tabled 4/7/22)

Item #4 00:01:40

Approval of the minutes of April 4, 2022 (tabled 5/2/22)

Item #5 00:01:58

Approval of the minutes of May 2, 2022

Item #6 00:02:16

A communication from Mayor Tyer submitting an Order to accept Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 44, Section 55C Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund and an Ordinance amending the City Code, Chapter 2, Administration to add Article LIII, Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Item #17 00:22:09

A petition from Rinaldo Del Gallo, III requesting to ban the sale of "nip bottles in the City of Pittsfield (tabled 5/2/22)

Item #8 01:05:28

A petition from Councilor Lampiasi requesting to develop an Ordinance establishing a process for commemorative and honorary street designations

Item #7 01:31:19

A petition from Councilor Warren requesting the City Council adopt an ordinance that would allow the flushing of water mains on private and/or unaccepted streets

Item #9 01:55:32

A petition from Councilor Warren on the ACLU Model for Community Control Surveillance Technology

Item #10 01:56:37

A petition from Councilor Warren on the ACLU Model for body worn camera policy for Massachusetts Police Departments

Item #11 01:56:53

A petition from Councilor Conant requesting to amend the property tax exemption eligibility age from 68 to 65 for exemption clause 41

Item #12 01:57:33

A petition from Councilor Kronick requesting to amend Chapter 8, Section 12 entitled "Depositing Waste Materials in Public Ways" and Chapter 8, Section 15 to extend the definition of business to apartments of 3 or more units

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