Berkshire Regional Planning Commission - Nov. 17, 2022

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I.A: Call to Order 00:00:17

I.B: Roll Call 00:00:27

I.C: Approval of Minutes of the July 14, 2022 meeting 00:03:23

II: Comments from the Public 00:05:33

III: Delegate and Alternate Issues 00:06:09

IV: Executive Committee Actions 00:07:09

V: Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 00:09:17

VI: Survey Results - Recent Movers and Second Home Owners 00:42:08

VII: Berkshire Funding Focus 01:15:52

VIII: Open Discussion about Priorities for Berkshire County 01:31:46

IX: Executive Directors Report 02:00:19

X: Adjournment 02:02:23

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